July 20, 2024

Top 10 Public Health iPhone Apps

While many smartphone users enjoy the various games, social media and entertainment apps created by users around the world, they may be surprised to realize that users can download apps about public health. The following list is comprised of the top ten apps for the iPhone related to public health and includes developers such as Harvard University and WebMD. A link to buy the app is available for each.


ph public health news for iphone

1. Public Health News

This app is developed by Harvard University to keep personnel of the Harvard School of Public Health up-to-date and connected, but the information found here will be helpful to all interested in public health. The app updates users with current research and events. Some features include Review articles and a community message board.



ph rx shortages for iphone

2. RxShortages

This app is developed by Michael Schroeder to alert users to possible drug shortages. It reports both ASHP and FDA shortages in one convenient location. For each category it lists current, resolved and unavailable drugs. RxShortages is also listed as Open Source, so developers can view the source code.



ph epa air for iphone


AIRNow tells its users about air quality in the person’s current location. The app lists current and forecasted air pollution levels for ozone and fine particle pollution (PM2.5). Included in the app are air quality maps for easy viewing.



ph telcare for iphone

4. Diabetes Pal by Telcare – Blood Glucose Manager

Diabetes Pal has been rated the best diabetes app in the Apple App Store. It has also been featured in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. The app keeps tabs on glucose, medication and food data, which can be done manually and automatically.



ph webmd for ipad

5. WebMD

The internet’s popular medical site’s app allows users to check symptoms by searching by the part of the body that is ailing the person. It also includes a first aid section and health listings for locating physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies in the area.



ph cdc vaccine for iphone

6. CDC Vaccine Schedule for Adults & Children

The CDC has created an app that lists all necessary immunizations for adults and children in an easy grid format. It includes features such as a minimum age for an immunization. Users can choose a specific vaccine to learn more before making a trip to the doctor.



ph this is public health for iphone

7. This is Public Health

This is Public Health is a campaign created to educate the public on how public health interacts with people on a daily basis. The app includes the popular stickers in a virtual format. It allows users to place the red sticker on photos taken from the phone and share with Facebook and email.



ph my last cig for iphone

8. My Last Cigarette – Stop Smoking Stay Quit

This app helps users quit smoking and stay cigarette free. The app makes the process bearable by listing stats such as an increase in lifespan and monetary savings after the user submits personal details including smoking habits. It lists the number of smoking deaths since the user quit.



ph icancer for iphone

9. iCANcer

iCANcer manages medical information for cancer patients, including graphs of lab results and side effects of medications. Users can sync with doctor appointments. Another feature of the app includes sorting past and present medications as well as a feature to store questions for the next visit.



ph health diet for iphone

10. Healthy Diet & Grocery Food Scanner

The scanner allows users to search the grocery store for healthy items that will manage the user’s weight and help combat or alleviate infirmities such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The app makes avoiding allergies easy with the nutrition facts listed of scanned items.