April 1, 2023

Top 10 iPad Apps for Public Health Students and Professionals

Whether you are a medical professional, a student, or a personally motivated individual, today’s world of apps has brought about a wide selection of highly useful medical apps. The modern medical world is all about real-time. Enter the apps on our list. These are some of the top niche and generalized public health apps to date.


ph outbreaks for ipad

1. HealthMap: Outbreaks Near Me

Outbreaks Near Me is a real-time illness tracker. With your geographic position, this app will provide you current, statistical information for ailments being reported around you. Users can also search and browse all other areas for similar information and news. Health related recalls are also reported via the app.



ph choose your poison for ipad

2. Choose Your Poison

This creative learning app by the University of California is solely focused on poison education and tools. Household cleaners, pesticides, and prescription drugs – these are just a few examples of the broad topic of poison, so fully covered in this useful app. Users can take quizzes, read literature, and find emergency contact points.



ph aids info for ipad

3. AIDSinfo HIV/AIDS Glossary

Anyone needing information on HIV or AIDS can benefit greatly from this National Library of Medicine app. With English and Spanish capabilities, AIDSinfo provides more than 700 condition-related terms through a vast, interactive glossary. The app is sponsored by a large number of respected health institutions including the CDC, OAR, NIH, HHS, and NIAID.



ph fema for ipad


The term “FEMA” stands for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Appropriately, the official FEMA app is a leading, reputable app on the subject of emergency and disaster preparedness. Users can find information on supplies to have at home, plans, current, local shelter setups, and more. This app is very useful during and in preparation of disaster.



ph pill identifier for ipad

5. Pill Identifier

Believe it or not, many people misplace labels, bottles, and find loose medications laying around their homes that are unidentifiable. Drugs.com’s Pill Identifier provides an all-in-one stop for complete pill identification for home or professional use. The database of drugs holds over 11,000 images and is constantly updated.



ph cdc for ipad

6. CDC

The CDC app is the official app of the Center for Disease control. Within the app, users can find a massive amount of up-to-the-minute information of all sorts. Disease Prevention, Vital Signs, Morbidity Rates, News Room, Public Health Image Library, Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal, and Quizzes are just a few of the app’s bustling sections.



ph infectious diseases for ipad

7. Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice

Those seeking relevant and accurate industry information on diseases in clinical practice are well suited to this app. Produced by Wolters Kluwer Health, this app provides images, news, and scientific abstracts of all subject-related information. With additional subscription, users also gain access to the bi-monthly print issue of IDCP.



ph nations health for ipad

8. The Nation’s Health Newspaper HD

The Nation’s Health Newspaper HD, produced by the respected APHA, is a leading app publication of the broader, general health world. Techy enough for the top medical professionals, yet just as valuable to the general person, this app provides full-page, virtual access to the otherwise physical version of the popular newspaper.



ph webmd for ipad

9. WebMD

For the minority not already acquainted, WebMD is a highly decorated and popular web-based provider of all types of online medical advice and news; the hypothetical “online doctor.” WebMD for iPad provides exclusive access to the main site with some extra perks.



ph solve the outbreak for ipad

10. Solve the Outbreak

The very recently released Solve the Outbreak app is a game and educational session combined into a highly entertaining package. Users get to make decisions, assess public health situations, and act as a number of real-life government bodies, all in the name of entertainment and education. To date, reviews speak of excellence.