July 20, 2024

Top 10 TED Talks On Public Health

Personal health refers to one’s own state of physiological health. Public health covers the health of entire communities, regions, nations, the world. Today, the relations between these two concepts are more understood than ever. Watch as industry-leading experts discuss current issues of personal and world health as well as related, cutting-edge solutions in the making.


Annie Lennox: Why I Am an HIV/AIDS Activist

In this video, Annie Lennox, world-renowned 1980’s pop singer and icon, discusses AIDS, HIV, and what led her to become an activist of the causes. Her passions stem from time with Nelson Mandela to meeting desperate children.


Jane Chen: A Warm Embrace That Saves Lives

Jane Chen, the esteemed world-health activist, discusses the issue of life-saving equipment shortages in developing countries; specifically related to newborn babies in developing nations. She lobbies a revolutionary piece of portable equipment designed to help.


Award-Winning Teenage Science in Action

Lauren Hodge, Naomi Shah, and Shree Bose were the winners of Google’s first ever science fair in 2011. Here, all three of the celebrated “Google Whiz-Kids” give demonstrations on their thought, approaches, and final creations.


Deborah Rhodes: A Tool That Finds 3x More Breast Tumors, And Why It’s Not Available To You

Deborah Rhodes is a breast health expert who also is the creator of a device that is said to detect breast cancer three times as well as today’s traditional methods. Here, she discusses the machine and the basics behind it as well as political efforts that have thus far hindered its distribution.


Bill Davenhall: Your Health Depends On Where You Live

In this lecture, Bill Davenhall presents the concept of the greater environment having a substantial effect on one’s personal health. Davenhall also provides a solution through a network of real-time reporting and health profiles, digitally shared between patients and doctors.


Carl Safina: The Oil Spill’s Unseen Culprits, Victims

Carl Safina, a leading ecologist and writer discusses the complete ecological ramifications of oil spills. Safina explains his assessments as to false evaluations of spill damage and more-harmful-than-good clean-up practices that have taken place.


Paul Conneally: Digital Humanitarianism

Here, Paul Conneally, Public Communications Manager for the International Federation of the Red Cross, explains how social media and digital tools can become lifesaving necessities in time of disaster. The concept is called “Digital Humanitarianism.”


Boghuma Kabisen Titanji: Ethical Riddles in HIV Research

Boghuma Kabisen Titanji was a typical HIV researcher; that was until her special encounter. This lecture shows Titanji discussing the deeper picture of ethics in medicine and HIV, and how ethics holds great control over disease treatment and ongoing discovery.


Dean Ornish: Healing Through Diet

Clinical Professor at UCSF, Dean Ornish is seen here discussing the human body and health. Ornish covers several key concepts including the body’s drive to heal itself under certain circumstances and disease prevention through lifestyle.


Bruce Aylward: How We’ll Stop Polio For Good

Polio is a known epidemic and threat to world health. In this presentation, Bruce Aylward pushes the need to completely eradicate polio from existence, as well as possible ramifications of not doing so. Aylward is an esteemed physician, epidemiologist, and activist.